The story behind TailSpin

A Community of Paws, Claws, Flippers, Hooves and Feet

For the majority of my life I have never been around pets, nor do any of my friends, relatives, or far-far relatives. The journey from being scared of them to now having not one but three in the house has nothing been short of any thrill or adventure. For one, I understood the meaning of selfless love- one that knows no bounds, has no language, and doesn’t expect anything in return. You must be wondering how such a change of heart by someone who can’t even speak your language. Maybe because you were not there when I met my first pet- Spike– a rescued dog, shiny white, and a perfectly chiseled body that could give anyone a run for the money. He was not like this when I met him the first time- he was furious, he was angry, his limbs were broken, he would jump on food like he has never eaten before, he would come to bite anyone who touched him, he was insecure. Why!? Maybe because someone had the audacity to blame a speechless animal for every wrong that happened in his life, or maybe someone wanted to have the cheapest thrills by hurting someone for no reason. I met Spike in a half-dead condition outside a factory in my city where he was left to the elements of mercy. Since that day there is no looking back for Spike- my family and myself decided to take care of him throughout his life and give him a life that he was born to live, not the one that he was made to live.

Here’s Spike, waiting for us at the door every day, just before when we are about to return from work.

About TailSpin

Catty is the most beautiful of all, is again a rescued domestic cat. He was found in the backyards of my office with his face covered in blood, scratches all over his body, probably because he was being attacked brutally by some animal. It took around 5 to 6 months for him to recover fully and show us his real bossy avatar, scaring all other cats and dogs around him.

Meet Catty, in his usual, bossy demeanor, and not let us work.

Paww! We will be right back :(

Now, it’s time to introduce Mafia, who is “protecting the earth from the scum of the universe“, my Man in Black (read Gray), a doll-faced Persian cat. He accompanies Catty most of the time but has a secret-pact signed with Spike. Ironically, his looks are quite deceptive to his name but none of his deeds are. He would be the first one to go down the Persian street (quite literally), whenever any trouble happens.

Meet him in his iconic old-sage pose waiting for the lock-down to get over.

Paww! We will be right back :(

Nothing compares the joy of coming home and seeing these pets wagging their tails and showering slobbering kisses all over us, just to tell us that we mean the world to them. As Jon Katz rightly said, in today’s world of fragmented and disconnected culture, the one thing which we humans can depend on is the unconditional love from our pets, every day, and in all faith. I believe in every word of it and stand for animal welfare with all my heart.

I know you all are here because you also believe in this and you too are in your journey of having a pet. And I know many of us take a lot of effort into finding the best for our loved paws, and sometimes it becomes difficult to get the right information at the right time. Hence, TaleSpin is a sincere effort to help you locate all pet-related information in one place. We are a team of animal lovers, veterinarians, and NGO workers, who believe in creating awareness about animals and supporting well being. Let’s hope to make this journey a seamless one and stay connected with our paws to serve the purpose of raising their lives.