Setting up a new Pet in your house

You’ve just walked in your home with your new best friend and your heart goes up and down seeing the excitement and energy in the house, created only in the last 15 minutes. Your paw has played roughly with every toy you bought and it is running all over your place. 

If you brought birds, reptiles, or fishes, your house must have gone colorful and bright and you would have seen all variations of expressions from shock, to surprise to extreme stillness. But don’t worry, this is the pet who in the days to come will likely make you laugh, sigh, want to shout at the top of your lungs, get out of your bed early even on Sunday mornings, talk to your vet (a stranger till now) about the color and consistency of poop regularly, and create all sorts of funny faces and noises to play with him. 

Your new pet comes with thoughts, opinions, feelings, habits, and quirks that you might not understand at the beginning, neither you would have thought about them when you bought or adopted it. But like everything in life, we need to have a little patience and give ourselves (the pet and yourself) a little time to understand each other’s behavior, routine,  times which make the other being happy, sad, angry, etc. 

Setting up a new pet in your house

Each pet has a different need for their management and hence, they all come with a laundry list before you set them in. To start with, one must get their pet and themself fully vaccinated to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances. Consult with your vet to get a vaccination schedule based on your pet’s medical history, breed, and age. The next step is setting up your house, one can refer to initial pet management tips for the common domestic pets in the links below.