Pet Lifestyle

It is hard to believe but pets too have a lifestyle. Each pet has a persona and unique characteristics of its own which makes it stand apart from the rest of its fellow breed members. But how many of us do know about the personality of our pets. Let’s start by answering these questions-

  1. Do you know what makes your pet happy- Is it the toys, food, your company, or a fellow pet?
  2. When does your pet feel stressed or anxious?
  3. What are the things that your pet can not live without?
  4. Do you understand the signals of when it wants to eat, drink, or pee?

If you know all these, give yourself a pat on your back for knowing about 60% of your pet’s personality. A majority of your pet’s personality are genetic i.e. dependent on its breed and you can research it here while the other traits are developed as your pet grows. These are dependent on the environment where the pet is raised and sometimes, also on the physical and mental health of the pet.

A pet’s personality determines its lifestyle, which would help you as pet owners to take care of things in situations like when you are traveling with or without your pet or when your pet is exposed to several environmental factors. This section will detail all such factors that are encompassed under the pet lifestyle. Follow the sections to read more about your area of interest.

  1. Pet Travel
  2. Managing Pets during Vacations
  3. Pet Gadgets