Pet Gadgets

It is not surprising to note that a number of high-tech gadgets that once used to be proprietary-in-design for humans are now also available for our little furry friends. The standard toys sure can get the job done but probably an upgrade for your fido doesn’t hurt. Scroll below to understand the kind of devices available for your pet that one can invest in.

Health and Location Tracker: These devices help pet owners to monitor their well being and location at all times. Most of these are waterproof with real-time tracking and long-lasting batteries which could alert you about escape over email, text, or app notification. The accompanying app also allows owners to measure their dogs’ sleeping patterns, set daily goals, track progress, view activity graphs, and retrieve information pertaining to changes in behavior.

Some of these apps also allow you to assess the dietary requirement of your pet and allow you to create a customized feeding regimen and create alerts about the feeding routine for your pet.

Activity and Sleep Monitor: These devices help pet owners to monitor their physical activity and sleep patterns throughout the day. These can give insights about your pet’s health and identify outliers if the pet is ill.

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Mounting Cameras: These devices are used to capture the videos from your pet’s point of view (used especially for dogs and cats). These come in the form of harnesses with two mounting locations (chest and back) and is machine-washable. 

Pet Tracker: Ever wondered what your pet is doing while you are gone? Don’t you think a device which could enable live photo or video of your pet available at the convenience of your phone device would make your life much easier? One such device is Furbo. With two-way audio and visual components, along with a treat dispenser, you and your pooch will always be connected, even if you’re far apart. 

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Dog Treadmill: Gone are the days when only humans were conscious of their health, welcome the days of health-freak pets. Dog treadmills are an option to make your pet exercise indoors if you are too occupied with your work or if your dog prefers to stay indoors.

Smart Litter Box for Cats: These devices with the help of a built-in negative air pressure filtration system ensures to remove the nasty odor arising from the pet’s litter and keeps everything sterile. Is it not the best option to get rid of the pet’s odor and litter?

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Interactive Pet Toys: Interactive toys can make your life a lot easier as they are smart, fun, and a great companion of your dog. These offer two-way communication and also react to your dog’s actions. One can even take control of the toy via an app.

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