Pet Health

Pets are part of our family. Whether it is a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, or any other animal as your pet, it is important to take care of pet health and provide him a good life. Like humans, many animal diseases develop slowly especially heart disease, kidney disease, and many tumors. Assessing your pet’s vital stats like breathing rates, hydration status, and other health conditions can indicate major problems. There are many vaccinations available to prevent your pet against most dreadful diseases but many other diseases are treated only once diagnosed. Hence, Pets need to see the doctor for regular veterinary care. Early detection of those diseases can help to treat them more effectively and increase the lifetime of your pet.

Several human diseases like bird flu, rabies, etc. originate from animals and hence, it indicates that humans are not immune to the diseases that these animals carry. Hence, taking care of your pet’s health is also vital for improving the well-being of ourselves. 

Preventive care can make a lot of difference to your pet’s wellbeing and promote a long and healthy life. Simple routine care like Bi-Annual exams, Dental Health, Healthy Diet, Daily Exercise, Parasite prevention, and management are an important part of your pet’s lifestyle. 

Pet Health

We will discuss in this section the important aspects of Pet health as detailed below:

  1. Pet Weight Management- Weight of a pet depends on several factors including his sex, age, breed, lineage, exercise regime, food habits, pure or mixed breed, and medical conditions.  Feeding a high-quality diet, restricting caloric intake (including treats and human food) and increasing activity are the most successful methods for weight management in pets. Read more.
  2. Pet First Aid: Our pets are vulnerable to day to day accidents and being prepared with a kit and basic know-how to deal with such situations can even save the life of your pet. Read more.
  3. Pet Breeding: The companionship of a pet is so rewarding that many pet owners want to breed their pet so as to be with them or their family as long as possible, or to continue the bloodline. This is generally true for first-time pet owners, especially ones with kids to show them the entire process of delivering an offspring into their homes. But one needs to be prepared with all the challenges that he is getting into, to know more, Read here.
  4. Common Diseases in Pets: Caring for pets is a great commitment just like caring for kids. At any point, these carry several germs that can make them sick. Hence it is important to understand the diseases that are prevalent in them, their symptoms, and ways of preventing them. Read more.
  5. Vaccination for Pets: Pet Vaccinations are used to build immunity against disease-causing agents and protect them against devastating diseases such as rabies and even death. This not only improves the quality of life of your pets but is also a part of our prevention mechanism for yourself and the community when we bring these pets home. Read more.