Process of getting your Pet insured

The process of getting pet insurance is quite straightforward. Although for you the pet insurance might be looked like more of an emotion than a product, the industry sells it more like property insurance than health insurance. When buying insurance, there is an age limit applicable for all your pets like most companies bracket the age limit for dogs and cats between 8 weeks to 8 years. The process requires a proposal form to be filled and submitted along with a veterinary health certificate which should have unique identification (through tattooing/branding, nose print, photograph, or microchipping), color, sex, breed, age, and other details about the pet. One can choose any vet as long as he or she is licensed.

Typically, there is a waiting period before you can actually start claiming your pet insurance. It is a short term at the beginning of the policy when your coverage is restricted. This is done basically to prevent fraud.  Waiting periods may vary by region, but will generally be 24 to 48 hours for accidents, and from 14 days for an illness to one year on certain medical conditions, depending on the type. One may decide to opt for a policy with a shorter waiting period and that offers the best coverage and value. If your pet has a health issue during the waiting period then the claim can not be covered, even if it is an unforeseeable emergency. 

Another contrast as compared to human health policies is that for pets, you need to spend the money first and later get it claimed from the insurance company. But with the growing number of pets and the launch of organized healthcare service providers, we can anticipate that the upcoming pet insurance policies will be able to provide seamless comprehensive solutions on a cashless basis in near-future.