Pet Diseases

Pets can become our best companions within a short period and they affect us socially, emotionally, and cognitively and provide us an active lifestyle. Caring for pets is a great commitment just like caring for kids. At any point, these carry several germs that can make them sick. Hence it is important to understand the diseases that are prevalent in them, their symptoms, and ways of preventing them.

Most of the diseases are spread through contaminated air, water, soil; or viral, bacterial or fungal infections, or due to inadequate diet or lifestyle. While a majority of these are contagious between animals, some like rabies are zoonotic which can be transferred to humans as well.

Being cognitive of the common diseases that can affect your pet’s health can help the pet owners take preventive as well as corrective actions  Also, by providing your pet with routine veterinary care and following a healthy lifestyle, can help maintain a disease-free health and promote longevity. Select your pet below to understand the common diseases affecting them. 

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