About Pet Insurance

Health risks and uncertainties are a part of life whether it is humans or animals. When we commit ourselves for the entire life of pets, it becomes our responsibility to ensure them healthy living and a good life. Pet insurance is health insurance for pets to cover a part of your pet’s medical bills based on your package provided by individual companies. Like any other member of our family, we need to cover them for all health emergencies via insurance. With the growing trend of owning pets in India (including exotic birds and animals which have a higher maintenance costs), and the increasing costs of medical expenses, pet insurance becomes more of a necessity than ever before.

Treatment of illnesses such as cancer or heart disease or a minor accident can cost anywhere from a few thousands to lakhs. A ballpark estimate of lifetime healthcare expenses for an average dog is around 3 to 5 lakhs INR. Pet insurance transfers the risks about high expenditure for any medical treatment of a pet to the insuring company and provides pet owners a peace of mind. It makes the health cost for your pet more affordable and lets you enjoy extra quality time with him without worrying about any unexpected circumstances. 

In India, pet insurance is available for dogs, cats, birds, sheep, goats, horses, rabbits, elephants as well as a few exotic birds and animals, etc. The list may vary from company to company. Some companies offer insurance only to a particular type of pet.

Pet Insurance